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Wonder Woman RD by Kerevon Wonder Woman RD by Kerevon
Just a WW redesign, nothing too weird. Based heavily off of Donna Troy's star-suit, as well as WW's 'pants' outfit (with a few hints from Rob Nix's Superman as well). Most of the suit is part of her armor, but the jacket is simply a gift from Clark. Made using Heromatic, which I do not own. I do not own a single thing about this deviation, save for a few small revisions that I can't legally claim.

Name: Princess Diana of Themiscyra
Age: 134
Powers and Abilities: Superhuman strength (between that of Superman's and a metahuman), superhuman durability (roughly the same as a mid-level metahuman), Expert combat training (much greater than that of Superman's and slightly greater than that of Batman), complete invulnerability to reality-warping, superhuman senses, superhuman reflexes
Equipment: Sword of Justice (highly durable material, able to shear through most known substances), Gauntlets of Truth (when connected the guantlets form a defensive field about the wearer; guantlets are also able to generate an energy-whip that inhibits certain brain functions of any sentient being it comes into contact with, making said being unable to lie), Chariot of the Amazons (a jet-like aircraft with highly advanced armor and a cloaking device of similar design to the one used on Themiscyra)
Profession: Guardian of Themyscira, Heir to the Throne, self-appointed "Ambassador to the Mortal World".

Bio: Thousands of years ago, the Olympian gods still interacted with the mortal world. They guided their young charges, and were worshipped. However, they sought to modify humanity to their own ends. A great war ensued between the rebels and the faithful. It ended catastrophically, causing the creation of [Information missing].

The gods retreated from most of the mortal world. However, their most faithful servants, the mighty female warriors known as the Amazons, were drawn away from the rest of the mortals. To preserve them, the Olympians bestowed upon them an island shielded from mortal eyes, Themiscyra. Upon this island a great temple was erected; here, the gods gave the Amazons new children in return for sacrifices of blood.

The first of their children was Hippolyta, queen of the Amazons. She possessed the strength of a demigoddess and the wisdom of Athena. For years she ruled wisely and justly, using mighty tools given by Hephaestus to watch over the island.

Time passed, and the Amazons prospered. One day, however, a strange event occurred. The temple gave to the Amazons a new child, stronger than the rest. As time passed, it became evident that she was even more powerful than Hippolyta herself. The wise queen adopted her as her daughter, and gave her the name Diana.

Despite Hippolyta's great gifts, she had begun to show signs of age. On Diana's fiftieth birthday, she bestowed upon her daughter the Star-Armor of the gods, the Sword of Justice, and the Gauntlets of truth, naming her the guardian of Themiscyra. She fulfilled her duties well, keeping justice on the island and observing possible threats from the mortal world.

One day, a test aircraft from Ferris Air crashed upon Themiscyra, it's advanced shields allowing it to bypass it's defenses. The pilot, one Steve Trevor, managed to convince Diana that the crash was accidental and that he bore no ill will to the Amazons. Unfortunately, the black box in the device managed to send a signal back to both Ferris Air and the company which designed it: Starr Labs. Karen Starr, CEO of Starr Labs and it's current protector as Power Woman, has decided to investigate the incident personally....
SplendorEnt Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2012  Student General Artist
Dude! :clap: This is perfect! I've been struggling to create the proper look for Wonder Woman, and I've settled for something similar, but you hit the nail square on the head! It has the futuristic elements of a Greek demi-goddess, but still retains heroic elements.

And I love the bio as well.
Kerevon Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2012
Why thank you. Aye, she's supposed to come in late around the story... but along with Batman she's the first (future) member of a certain group. Who will ALSO be getting a redesign.
SplendorEnt Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2012  Student General Artist
Yes. Excellent.
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